Welcome to the Euro Car Parts help site. We aim to provide you with ‘How-To’ advice for maintaining your vehicle, helping you reduce the cost of motoring.

It is estimated that in the UK, an average of around £10 billion was spent in 2011 on car maintenance. The AA’s 2012 running cost table estimates that parts and labour account for between 20% and 27% of your vehicle’s running costs; that’s more than 1/5.

Here at Euro Car Parts, we recognise the rising cost of motoring so we have stepped in to help. Over the coming weeks Euro Car Parts will be bringing you 10 How-To DIY servicing videos and How-To articles presented by industry experts, equipping you with a step-by-step guide to maintaining your vehicle.

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How to Change a 12V Battery

How to Change a 12V Battery

For step by step written instructions, please click here. For great deals on car batteries from Euro Car Parts click here.   Tweet

How to Change Coolant

How to Change Coolant

  For step by step written instructions, please click here. To buy any of the products seen in this video, please click here.   Tweet

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How to Change Engine Oil and Oil Filter

Scroll down for video. Why Change? The oil filter captures small particles of metal and excess sludge to stop these running around the entire engine and causing lasting damage. Tools Required: • Lifting jack • Axle stands • Appropriate sump … Continue reading


How to Renew Rear Brake Discs & Pads

Scroll down for video. Why change? Brake pads consist of a backing plate and friction material. It is the friction material that comes into contact with the brake disc. Overtime the friction material wears down and your brakes become less … Continue reading

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