Cancelling your Collection Order

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If you’ve changed your mind about a collection order, we can help, just check out the information below. 

  • If you’ve changed your mind about a collection order paid for online, don’t worry, just allow the order to expire (i.e., do not collect within 7 days) and we’ll process your refund automatically after the collection window has lapsed. You will then be refunded within 7 days to the original payment method.

    If you require the refund sooner, please contact the store you ordered to, who will be able to arrange cancellation of your order. These details will be available in the  My Account  section or on the order confirmation email. Alternatively, find your selected store location here.

  • If you have changed your mind about a pay in-store collection order, do not worry. You will just need to let the order expire (i.e., do not collect within 3 days) and we will automatically cancel your reservation.


  • If you cannot wait for the collection to expire in 7 days submit an early cancellation request here.

    Early Cancellation Request 

    Submit your request here Cancel My Collection Order

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